AI and CRM – A Powerful Duo

Activate your CRM through AI

With larger budgets & a lot more attention being given to CRM software and AI; making the most of a business opportunity in a digital age is pretty exciting & challenging.

There is such a thing as too much information, too soon. With the dawn of new technologies, the bloom of AI & a plethora of CRM software to choose from; not to mention just how artificial intelligence works in regard to customer relationship management systems; we find ourselves left in the dark when it comes to effective management of CRM through AI and effectively utilizing a dynamic CRM to scale your business.

We’re that interface that helps you understand & predict your customer’s patterns like never before.

Faster. Simpler & better results is the name of the game.
We’d like to know what our customers are thinking before they tell us. It’s absolutely imperative to make good data-driven decisions, in today’s competitive & cutting-edge markets.

Supersede You Customers Expectations

interface assists when it comes to opening doors to offbeat & avantgarde business opportunities, that could otherwise seem difficult & different to navigate through.

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer if they are recognized, are offered relevant recommendations, and remember their purchase history.

Unlike most CRM software, where problems are dealt with by understanding where the issue lies in the customer journey & then having to navigate through various screens & suites to better understand how they are faring; interface introduces state-of-the-art conversational AI, that provides CRM software with real-time information – helping track, solve and assist with better strategy.

Supersede your customer’s expectations; from contact management – to tracking interactions & collaborative conversations when it comes to social media integration. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants look to complement the objectives of your CRM software.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management

Never has there been a time when your business has required conversational AI more than now. With dynamic shifts & turbulence in today’s market, the use of a highly intelligent CRM coupled with AI assistant (that’s super conversational in nature) helps your business track customers. A steady & state-of-the-art CRM software in place assists you to create a more hyper-personalized experience, where a customer feels like they are directly being spoken to, ultimately translating to a higher lead conversion.

Why interface for CRM & AI for CRM?

interface provides your business with a platform that’s intuitive, but more importantly; it’s an industry-first dynamic model-driven platform.
Some would hail today’s CRM applications as revolutionary. interface thinks so too; we choose to take this revolutionary technology to the next level by integrating it with complementary Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

A higher investment in CRM is directly proportional to higher customer interaction, retention & conversion. Give your business the opportunity to perform at an all time. With your AI-powered CRM in place, you can easily & effectively tackle future-poised problems.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

From complete customer lifecycle management, conversational AI assistants provide business-ready information for every step of the customer lifecycle.

The bottom line? Your business is almost instantly transformed. We’re looking at a managed services team, salient features, and various apps dedicated for different aspects of the AI assistant journey, making you & us a reliable partner for CRM organizations.

Who is for interface?

From banks to leading fortune 500 companies; all have capitalized on the power of AI assistants to understand their customers a lot better & drive business growth.

Our AI-powered chatbots assisted Yes Bank save more than 3.9 million INR in cost savings in just 17 months!

AI integration CRM is for everyone. From banking to telecom, insurance, travel, retail, hospitality & E-commerce. Our AI-powered sales assistant can respond to customer requests, cross-sell and upsell suggestions straight from the palm of your hands!

AI in CRM – Creating memorable experiences & lasting impressions

“Forrester also reports that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.”

As more & more companies look to increase their budgets when it comes to their CRM, this is a direct response to an organization’s need to understand their customers a lot better.

From customer to user experience, interface with CRM works like a charm.
It’s more than just delivering personalized experiences. Today, with the use of AI-powered CRM, we’ve created a model that allows you to access your CRM from anywhere; it’s mobile friendly!

Easily expand your business as you find unique ways to integrate with already available software on the market.

What does this mean? Simply put; customers can go about using their same software that they are used to, with as few hiccups. Business can function seamlessly and as smooth as always. If not, smoother.

The TL; DR?

interface offers some of the best integrations with CRM. We’re constantly building & providing your business with solutions that drive your business to grow faster than anticipated through:

  • Increase in Leads and real-time lead management
  • Manage Marketing budgets effortlessly with integration to CRM
  • Resolve Customer Queries and Cases increasing customer delight

Customizable, creative & conversational. It’s AI that’s for the future, at our fingertips, today.

The ease of use, the developer-friendliness, & all the features that are packed in. We would like to take you through a quick demo. Request it here and experience why our interface can better yours.

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