Mergers and Migrations Using AI Call Center

Instantly support customers to find the right information during a transition

Worried about increased call volumes and the unpredictability of calls associated with mergers and migrations?

AI Call Center

Customer Facing

Automate high-frequency calls & instantly respond to customer inquiries.

Increase the automation scope with the AI Call Center continuing to learn every week on questions it could not answer.

Instantly scale to handle any volume of calls.

Are you facing challenges in training your call center & branch staff with new information swiftly during mergers & migrations?

Call Center Assistant

Employee Facing

Instant access to new policies and procedures for your call center representatives (CSRs), thereby reducing their training time by 50%.

Help CSR find the right information instantly and drastically reduce Average Handling Time (AHT).

Ensure 100% consistency of information shared by CSRs and 100% compliance to company policies & procedures.

Branch Assistant

Employee Facing

Enable Branch employees to assist customers better.

Help the branch employees to find the right information instantly while assisting the customer.

Enable the branch employees in logging or tracking customer requests in an efficient way. enables seamless migrations with out-of-the-box workflows for all the major Bank & Credit Union providers