AI – The next big wave in CRM

Businesses are looking to understand their customers a whole lot better. In an age that’s data and detail specific, we’re able to draw a magnifying glass on our customer with the help of path-breaking software, state of the art CRM structures and all this, combined with the use of intelligent virtual assistants, ultimately helps us out-deliver and out-perform our businesses.

Happy customers are often defined as the building blocks that help cement a successful business. It takes nurturing and attention to detail, what our customers like, how to reach out to them on a personal level, the precise type of messaging that works and even when exactly to reach out to them.

The need of the hour is a database that can easily adapt and to and live within a productive environment, seamlessly connecting us with our customers.

At interface, we have a saying, “If our customers have to tell us, we’re not really doing our jobs.”

Prediction and perfection go hand in hand, to build a world where what is complex is soon-enough elementary and easily understood. With less time and resources spent on analyzing and trying to better understand your business, you’re able to provide your customers and employees with an experience that’s truly enriching and comfortable.

It’s the assistance you need. With automation and the support of our intelligent virtual assistants; powerfully combined with your CRM software within both, administration and operations, has you access the information your need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Staying intelligent in a data driven age

Time is money, whether it’s case management, handling of credentials or follow up on potential leads. Looking to save time and money? Just ask our virtual assistant exactly what it is you’re looking for. Performing actions with ease further pave the way for evolutionary and intelligent business practices, it’s what’s imperative when it comes to staying on top of your game in today’s markets.

A recent study by Experian indicated that personalized emails can generate up to six times higher revenue per email than non-personalized campaigns do.
(Source: Experian Email Marketing Study).  

CRM integrated with AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants helps businesses adapt to and overcome challenges; converting them into unforeseen business opportunities.

State Bank of India, a Fortune 500 company is powered with interface’s AI-powered chatbot SIA. An intelligent assistant SIA helped save more than 1.2 billion INR in cost savings in 17 months by handling 99% of inquiries. This transformed the customer experience for one of the largest banks in the world.

With some amazing intuitive apps that seamlessly blend in with your CRM software, creating a unique and memorable experience for your employees and customers is just a click away.

Conversations, customers and AI

Complementing your existing CRM tool with our apps helps build context-aware conversations that are friendly in nature. Make informed decisions that’s not just best for your customers but for your business. Collecting more data and assistance in a shorter time is possible through our state of the art platform features like:

Automated Conversation Management allows developers to utilize current and powerful multi-turn conversation handling. Our ACM utilizes an experience model that provides modern and current solutions when it comes to task completion. Using a structure that groups all inputs, properties, and activities required for user task completion.

Intelligent Assistance Management seamlessly assists when it comes to human intervention. With triggers in place, our AI assistant is sentiment and tone aware; helping route conversations quickly to the exact customer support agent.

Continuous Human Assisted Learning bring you a step closer to building your database, saving time and resources. CHAL is always learning. Conversations are annotated and used for learning, with an array of suggestions that build new and memorable experiences for customers.

Integrated Dynamic World Models or IDM, consists of data models, language models and execution models. These three allows you to create user rich conversations that’s stand out, keep your customers engaged and more importantly build lasting relationships. An advanced NLU makes for better understanding and defining of a language on a nucleus level.

Packages consist of containers that help shave time by pooling data into groups and packets. Logically driven, developers are able to select the desired package and in turn enable an AI assistant. Packages are reused across assistants, allowing easy and quick access. This helps developers to rapidly create and deploy conversational and AI assistants; ultimately alleviating a customers CRM experience.

AI in CRM. The Power to Empower

Empower your business with the use of our Contextual FAQ Builder. With an advanced FAQ builder, combined with a CRM model; developers can create rich multimedia responses for languages and channels.

Accuracy and precision is key when it comes to a successful CRM model. Our Advanced Natural Language Understanding Engine brings a new breed of accuracy to the table that will transform your customers experiences. Developing coreference resolution models and providing you with OOTB data parsers for a wide range of data, your business is sure to see a stellar transformation and be future ready.

CRM is for more than customers

Manage sales, business contacts, productivity and much more. The aim of implementing CRM into business is to improve business relationships with its customers while making your employees everyday work a lot more seamless and accurate.

By implementing CRM, enterprises can preserve customer contact information such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media profiles in a better and more organized way.

Additionally, CRM software can pull and store information about the client’s personal references which gives you a 360° view of your customers behavior, helping your businesses to create and have a better conversion rate with minimal human effort.

IVA and interface:
The (extra) Intelligent Virtual Assistant

They’re efficient, are able to process large amounts of data, predict and understand your customer better, read analytics, manage cases and much more.


Intelligent Virtual Assistants are more than just chatbots. interface looks to stay future ready; our IVAs help you stay relevant in a digitalised age. It’s always learning, whether it’s dealing with sales queries, data, a different language. They speak sales, answer queries in no time at all and leave little to no margin for error. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant combined with CRM help you see what human intervention generally fails to pick up on.

AI to use is more than just a machine understanding and analyzing various sentiments and dialogues similar to how humans do.

Through organised response creation, that’s faster and livelier; interface looks to build modules that stem from a thought process that AI must always study the underlying principles and nothave to duplicate them.

How interface can help you?

interface understands that every company has its own set of unique and specific requirements, whether it’s dealing with future ready CRM technologies or even Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

“A report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) says that the AI-powered CRM has the potential to generate more than $1.1 trillion in new GDP impact. Along with GDP, the report mentions that nearly 800,000 new jobs will be created in this area globally by 2021.”- Salesforce

Numbers talk!

We’re looking at the future and plan on staying future-ready. interface wants to ultimately empower, to enable and to help your business succeed, as we transform the way we do business and move towards a space that’s a lot more friendly, conversational and fun.

Go ahead, open up doors to possibilities that seemed possible only years away, however with the help of our technology and yours, they’ve come knocking on your door, NOW.

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