Breaking the Chain: Why Your AI Strategy Shouldn’t be Tied to Your Channel Vendor

Srinivas Njay

As technology continues to advance, one thing becomes clearer each day – AI is not just a complementary software that can be added to your banking channels. Instead, AI is a powerful tool that can drive your entire channel strategy, offering deep capabilities that can transform various aspects of your operations.

The Real Power of AI

At, we believe in the broader potential of AI beyond specific channels. Our solutions offer the potential to augment or automate almost every task of any of your employees or customers. From collections to frontline staff operations and even tasks for loan officers, AI’s versatility is profound.

The Risks of Limitation

Opting to restrict AI to specific channels hinders the full utilization of its capabilities and also raises significant concerns regarding a conflict of interest.

Let us take an example of AI offered by CCaaS providers. The AI offered by these providers are restricted to a specific channel – the contact center channel and as AI improves its performance and automates more conversations, the demand for seats from CCaaS providers decreases, directly impacting their revenue generation.
The question arises: Are such providers truly incentivized to deliver the most effective AI solutions?

Harnessing the Power of ‘One Conversational AI Brain’ Across Your Banking Enterprise

As discussed, AI’s broad potential extends far beyond chat, call centers, or any specific channel. AI can bring value and significantly impact all areas of the banking enterprise. For instance, teams in debt collection, loan disbursement, support, and more can leverage AI and improve dramatically. Recognizing the breadth of AI’s potential, financial institutions will need a vendor that understands the intricacies of the financial industry and can deliver comprehensive solutions enterprise-wide.

Consolidating AI under one vendor provides financial institutions with a unified solution & ‘One Conversational AI Brain,’ across the entire enterprise. By having a single AI brain connected to all channels, solutions, and departments, financial institutions can maintain a single knowledge base and harness the power of AI across various channels and systems seamlessly. This consolidation leads to improved employee accuracy, increased productivity, enhanced customer experiences, heightened operational efficiency, and improved security. offers financial institutions a ‘One Conversational AI Brain’ that enables self-service for all customers & employees across 23 channels, in 119 languages, and provides 60+ solutions enterprise-wide.

A New Era in Banking:’s Sphere

With the recent launch of Sphere, industry-first Generative AI-Powered “Interactive Intelligence” for Banking, it’s clear that the impact of AI extends much further.

Sphere is a multimodal ChatGPT-like Assistant for both customers and employees of a financial institution. It serves as a universal channel for both these groups, leveraging the power of generative AI.

Sphere for Customers is an industry-first, ChatGPT-like universal channel that replaces online and mobile banking and guides customers in finding the right banking products, automating inquiries, and assisting with transactions effortlessly.

It combines intelligent guidance, innovative plugins, and personalized AI assistance. Sphere seamlessly integrates various communication modes, including text, visuals, mouse interactions, audio, and video inputs, providing a convenient and natural experience for customers. With dynamic and personalized responses, including on-the-fly generated videos, Sphere enhances the overall banking experience, promoting financial wellness and enabling real-time decision-making.

Watch Sphere for Customers in action – Link

Sphere for Employees is an industry-first, ChatGPT-like universal channel for employees of a financial institution replacing multiple applications used by frontline staff. This unified and efficient platform empowers employees, boosting their productivity by 10x. Streamlined operations, personalized guidance, and real-time information access enable exceptional service delivery, leading to increased revenue, improved risk management, and better compliance.

Watch Sphere for Employees in action – Link

Embrace AI in Its Entirety

We at encourage you to view AI as the driving force behind your channel strategy, not as a complementary software for your banking channels. This is because AI offers a comprehensive solution for banking operations that extends far beyond any specific channel.

To gain deeper insights into how Sphere is reshaping the future of banking, I encourage you to read our press release – here or visit Sphere’s landing page – Sphere

As you plan your banking future, remember this – AI is not just a tool. It’s the foundation for your next leap in productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Embrace it fully, and witness a transformation like never before.

Srinivas Njay

Founder & CEO at