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Step 2

Once you listen to our Assistant, challenge its potential by asking these questions.

  • Are the ATM Branches open?

    How IVA sends text and provides knowledge ondemand.

  • My business is impacted by the pandemic. Can you help me skip a loan payment?

    How the IVA is able to empathize and provide options to customer.

  • What is my balance?

    How the IVA handles authenticated experiences with insight.

  • I would like to place a travel notice

    How the IVA helps with personalised recommendation creating new revenue opportunities.

Note: When you call the number, you agree to receive text messages.This agreement isn't a condition of any purchase.To stop receiving messages, reply STOP to any text. Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at https://interface.ai/privacy-policy.

More questions to try

Calculate ROI

Expected ROI for your Financial Institution

The number of calls above are automatically calculated based on the number of customers served. You can edit the number of calls if necessary

Savings Opportunity


New Revenue Opportunity


  • Estimated Annually
  • 9-12 weeks Timeframe
  • 60 % calls automated

Note: Industry average cost per call considered is USD $10 (or about $1.5 per minute). New Revenue opportunities
identified in 6% of calls & calculated based on industry standards.