Meet Ava, Security Service Credit Union’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant offering 24x7 member service

About  Security Service Credit Union

Security Service Federal Credit Union(SSFCU), with over $9.8B in assets and serving over 800,000 members, is one of the largest credit unions in Texas.

The Problem

SSFCU offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to its members. Due to a large set of offerings to choose from, members found it challenging to find the right-fit products and services. This was adversely impacting their top line, bottom line, and member experience. SSFCU is also an early adopter of digital solutions and always strives to offer the best new technologies to their members at the earliest.

Pain Points

  • Loss in new revenue through lack of new product adoption & new member signups
  • Drop in member satisfaction rates due to a lack of awareness of best fit offerings
  • Increased costs 
from contact center operations
  • Depleted member experience due to a lack of 24×7 support and high query resolution times


Ava, the digital assistant powering SSFCU, is currently on the website assisting members and prospects in their search for right-fit offerings

Ava enables members and prospects to find best fit offerings by understanding their needs and thus enabling higher revenues, member satisfaction and increased lifetime value

Ava helps members 
with information they 
are looking for instantaneously leading 
to better member experience

With Ava, SSFCU has been able to deflect a large portion of the call center inquiries, greatly reducing the call center call volume leading to cost savings

Ensure 24×7 member support, without investing in 24×7 Contact Center Operations

Key Impact Metrics


Saved from support




Member wait
times averted

Improved member satisfaction

“ is one of the very few platforms that can achieve 90%+ accuracy within just a few weeks”

Jay Tkachuk

Senior VP, Digital Services at SSFCU

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What does the near future hold?

In this year, through ‘Ava’, SSFCU is expected to


Savings in 
operational costs


Increase in member
lifetime value


In new earnings

Prevent Member churn

Overall, Ava is expected to bring significant ROI for SSFCU.

Next Steps

  • Support all browsers and devices
  • Omni-channel capabilities – Website, Mobile App, SMS, IVR
  • Assist members with information, transactions and proactive experiences
  • Successfully support the differently abled according to ADA guidelines
  • Integrate with CBS/CRM applications

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