Digital assistants can overcome the challenges of IVR

The direction of technology over the next decade is going to be determined by the current generation of millennial and Gen Z. Businesses will have to constantly adapt to reach the biggest cohort of the consumer. There are over 2 billion millennials worldwide, and they are poised to become the largest generation in the workforce, around 35% of the global workforce. While Gen Z will account for 32% of the world population, putting them ahead of millennials. Hence, identifying the best possible way to communicate with your audience is the most important step towards offering the best customer experience.

These generations have grown up with the internet and have very different expectations and behavior when compared to Gen Y or the Baby Boomers. As opposed to the earlier generation that prefers voice, they find text messages more personal and less intrusive than other forms of interactions.

While consumers may be split between the best way to communicate there is no denying that IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been frustrating to deal with for all types of consumers. This eventually leads consumers to select other channels simply because the traditional channels like IVR that they are used to using are causing too much frustration.

Top frustrations of customers with IVRs are

1.     Having to repeat themselves (52%)

2.     Waiting for a live agent (49%)

3.     Not being able to bypass an IVR system to get to a live agent (47%)

4.     Listening to a list of irrelevant options present by an IVR system (46%)

5.     Getting disconnected from the call

Virtual digital agents for both Web chat and messaging stand poised to overcome these challenges. They’re available 24/7 and have shown the ability to provide rapid responses to customer queries and handle multiple texts and queries simultaneously with hundreds of customers. This will fuel the inevitable growth and demand for text-based communications.

Text-based virtual digital agents reach consumers on their preferred channels, serve rich content, and provide a more comprehensive customer care experience. Organizations that are pursuing a multi-channel or omnichannel strategy for their enterprise, see value in how digital assistants mesh perfectly with millennial’s expectations and the ways in which they interact with the world around them.

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