Problems professionals run into with the E-Commerce platforms

Smart, conversational e-commerce saves the day

Selling products and services is easier said than done. With changes in customer demands, preferences and when your business has a looming presence in various geographical locations; paying attention to every detail and customer can get a little daunting, the mountain grows higher and before you know it, you’re looking at an almost impossible goal to scale in order to stay afloat while you outsell the competition, not to mention the daily disruptions in markets thanks to rapid advances in technology. Did we also mention that off of this is only amplified when you’re an e-commerce business?

The dawn of e-commerce businesses has made our lives a lot easier, we no longer need to use draconian and tested methods when it comes to shopping for our favorite gadgets, toys, and clothes. Brick and mortar stores are a thing of the past, the rise of digitization has completely transformed consumer shopping experiences and how retail works.

As mentioned earlier, it’s made selling a lot harder but just as the rise of any great technology is double-edged, as is this one – it’s made a shopper’s life a whole lot easier; AI saves the day.

Click, click, add to card, pay now and you’re good to go.

However, when you consider everything you’ve got against you when you’re an e-commerce business; between selling more, handling returns, unsatisfied customers, security, order fulfillment, omnichannel experiences; the list goes on and on, but, when asked what was that one thing that every e-commerce business banked on and looked at when it came to their e-commerce business, almost everyone stated that they need to understand their customer better was the highest requirement in an e-commerce business.

Why is this so important and all that much of a challenge though? Well, for starters, you’re selling to someone you don’t know; in a part of the country, you don’t know much about it.

Through the course of history, buying and selling have often been a personal agenda so to speak of. Relationships are built, bonds are made based on quality and services rendered and then there’s that seven-letter word that the mecca for every e-commerce business. L O Y A L T Y.

AI in e-commerce builds stronger relationships

Just by displaying your products in an innovative manner with the best deals on grab isn’t going to cut it anymore. Lucky for us, we’ve got technology in 2019 to help us out. Our very own friendly AI-powered intelligent virtual assistant to be precise.

Remember when we talked about that numero uno problem faced by e-commerce businesses? With the power of AI within your e-commerce website, you can overcome this hurdle with ease.

Building budding relationships leads to better brand and customer loyalty. Our target audience is our number one priority here and when we’ve got AI in our corner making highly informed and precise decisions for our customers, with their greatest intention being to create lasting relationships with shoppers, it does more than just prove loyalty, it’s directly proportional to a happy shopper, in short – AI in e-commerce builds stronger relationships.

Artificial intelligence ensures specific targeting

The greatest quality of seamless AI in your business is its ability to function at an optimum level, without your shoppers knowing that AI is responsible for creating their rich shopping experience. AI has the awesome power to make customers feel like they are making their choices without the help or influence of an external party.

I started to wonder just what is the extent of AI within e-commerce and other businesses, turns out? AI is the most prevalent in e-commerce. All that data and the constant studying of how it affects our sales have only proved to us that there is a direct path form product education to a product purchase.

With AI in place, brands can confirm end mile attribution, something as simple as knowing which channels our customers have used to purchase our products can help us target them better in the future.

Artificial intelligence ensures specific targeting. This means minimal noise and none of that information we’re trying to get across is diluted and misunderstood. We know who we’re looking for, the best part is? They’re looking for us as well.

“Dynamic pricing approaches have been an equal mix of strategy, black magic and luck. How do you price things low enough that you get your customer to feel like they are getting value while still making as much money as possible. “Brands can use AI to sift through data from a business intelligence perspective, then use those insights to get to know customers better. This method enables marketers to avoid being intrusive and deliver experiences customers will appreciate.” – Sean Connell, Chief Training Officer

Equip your business with the right technology

Speaking of omnichannel, if you’re an e-commerce business and haven’t moved towards an omnichannel retailing strategy, then you’re most likely to get left behind. Equipping your business and team with the right technology is as important as what you sell.

A little research and sure enough you’re able to see the kind of channels that work best for your customers and what’s most important to them. Based on preferences customer support staff can reach out to customers via calls, mail, live chat, video call, or any other app or in-app messaging.

The also allows us to track client discussions utilizing parameters like client profile. Along these lines, you can generally react relevantly, independent of the channels utilized. Keeping you in sync and line with your shoppers’ preferences.

SEO leads the way

When it comes to making a sure shot impact with your website, SEO leads the way forward. Don’t look to duplicate or borrow content, original and curated content takes your website a long way and helps differentiate you from the crowd.

If you’re looking to stand out, make an impact and look original in your approach to the world of e-commerce then SEO is your man/woman – and we can this because efficient SEO finds a way to be exclusive and yet inclusive in regard to what’s said, and how we say it.

Without the right SEO in place, it doesn’t matter if you’ve gone ahead and broken the bank to develop your website, it’s bound to drown out in the crowd and fail without sound SEO.

AI ties it all together

It’s almost 2020 and it’s safe to say that AI gives us all an opportunity, a golden ticket you could say when it comes to turning many-siloed, multi-channel enterprises into singular “personas”, and these personas do more than just look good, they remember, respond, they understand, their customers’ – what their needs are, preferences and make informed decisions in a meaningful way, growing your business, customer base, loyalty and above all customer delight.

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