University Credit Union Revolutionizes Call Center Experiences By Launching Its IVA Royce On Its Call Center

University Credit Union (UCU), based in Los Angeles and serving over 41,000 members of the university community, had embarked on a mission to enable the most seamless banking experience for its members through its Intelligent Virtual Assistant(IVA) – Royce, powered by

Since its launch in August 2020, Royce has answered questions from more than 27k members with over 90% accuracy – saving more than 290 hours of wait times for members in the process. Royce has also enabled over $2M in top-line impact and over $233k in savings for UCU.

As a next step in enhancing member experiences, UCU has launched Royce on its Call Center to help members get answers to their questions with high accuracy and no wait times.

Members & non-members can call UCU’s toll-free number 800.UCU.4510 to speak with Royce.

Today, through Royce, members are getting their questions on UCU’s products, transaction history, application status answered, and their most common issues resolved instantly.

Royce is an example of call center automation which is continuously learning and gearing up to support new experiences for members each day.

Impact of Royce

Within 11 days of launch, Royce has handled over 1.1k calls for UCU with over 87% accuracy, helped members get responses to their questions instantly with no wait times, and in the process – has saved over $11k already for UCU.

Royce has already automated 25% of the incoming calls at UCU’s call center and is in line to automate over 60% of the call center calls in the next two months.

With the introduction of the AI Call Center, staff at UCU spend more time helping members in need and stay true to their people-helping-people approach.

On the whole, UCU has enhanced member experiences to never-before-seen levels in the industry and made their entire call center operations very efficient. Through Royce, UCU is in line for an ROI of over $4.6M by the end of the year.

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About University Credit Union:

University Credit Union, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a purpose-driven financial cooperative dedicated to giving the University Community a financial edge. UCU has over 42,000 members and assets of over $820M.

About is an award-winning out-of-the-box Intelligent Virtual Assistant(IVA) that acts as a “personal banking teller” and offers automated call center services to help customers 24×7 through every step of the journey from being a prospect to achieving financial wellness.

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