Introducing Voice & Caller ID Based Authentication For Your Customer Calls

Financial Institutions have always been in a dilemma of either choosing to offer the best customer experience or the highest safety standards. is permanently putting an end to this dilemma by introducing the most advanced voice-based biometrics and caller-id solutions on’s award-winning on our award-winning AI-powered Phone Banking solution.

Voice Biometrics has introduced the most advanced voice-based biometric solution in the industry, ‘VoiceID’, to ensure financial institutions can offer the highest level of security and a seamless way for customers to authenticate themselves over a call.

Such seamless voice biometrics is proven to improve the customer experience, eliminate fraud, and reduce average handle times.

Voice Authentication Options

With ‘VoiceID’ financial institutions can choose to enable either active and passive voice verification.

Active verification is when a caller is asked by our AI-powered Call Center to say a specific phrase in order to be verified.

Passive verification involves authenticating a user just by listening to the caller’s voice while they are speaking with our AI-powered Call Center.

Swift Authentication

Financial Institutions can swiftly verify callers with either verification protocol.

  • With Active verification, a caller can be verified within 2 to 3 seconds
  • With Passive verification, a caller can be verified within 3 to 5 seconds

Caller ID verification

For several years, adopting Caller ID verification in financial institution call centers has been a challenge due to the prevalence of fraud and how easily caller IDs can be spoofed.

However, with’s caller ID solution ‘CallerID’, this is a problem of the past. has developed a caller ID verification solution that helps identify the caller with the highest accuracy in the industry. This helps financial institutions identify the caller and prevent fraud. With the introduction of this solution, the industry is able to trust and leverage Caller ID verification as a mode of authentication.

High Impact & Security

With ‘VoiceID’ & ‘CallerID’ in combination with our award-winning AI-powered phone banking solution, financial institutions are able to double the number of calls automated while ensuring the highest level of security.

With, Financial Institutions no longer need to choose between offering the best Customer Experience and automation levels or offering the most secure way to bank.

Also, if you are already evaluating our AI-powered phone banking solution, ‘VoiceID’ & ‘CallerID’ are offered to you at no additional cost.

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