Machine Learning for Software development in 2020

Though it seems that we are just a few months away from reaching 2020, those few months are never ordinary in the field of software development. Here is how the next six months will change the lives of software developers!

The future of software development is Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence !

Most of the software developers of the present day are developing software by writing code that must follow some fixed rules:  for instance if X happens then do Y. The developers instruct computers and computers work accordingly. The service of computers is limited to the instructions given to it.

But the traditional software development is going to witness a paradigm shift with advances in Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the integration of these three disruptive technologies, developers will be able to build a neural network that learns the instructions or rules that are needed for the desired outcome.

Traditional vs Contemporary software development of 2020

Traditionally, when developers program any software, they instruct the system about the intention or the end-result they desire from the software. But, there are some tasks which are too complex to make a system understand and work accordingly. The traditional software development works only with the understanding and the cognitive skills of the developers. The computers that work for software development need logic in addition in order to take decisions or differentiate between things.

But the future of software development is far different from the traditional ones. Once computers that work with developers are powered with modern technologies like or Machine Learning, the developer won’t be writing codes. Instead, they will be training machines to write codes. The machines powered with ML and  AI have the ability to learn with each interaction it comes across. It means that with the help of past data, systems with ML will be able to predict the possible pitfalls of software development, hence, speeding up the process of software development.

The role of developers will be changing from an exclusive coder to a data curator in future. In the simplest way, we can say that the developers will tell the machines their end-intention and systems with machine learning will write the code, which developers will have to approve. That’s the power of Machine Learning for Software Development.

It’s that simple!

Machine Learning: The Future of Software Development

The road towards making the world’s best software in the shortest possible time goes through Machine Learning.

ML in software development will empower software developers in different steps of developing a software. Here are some of the most significant ways on how ML will be extending a helping hand to developers –

Optimizing Codes

ML have the ability to design and process high-level programming languages by converting them to machine instructions. They can also fix old codes without the original source within a short time. Developers using machine learning for software development just need to instruct once and can use the same to create codes for multiple times.

Faster Prototype

Machine Learning shortens the procedure of developing software by automating most of the steps. Generally, it requires months of planning to transform requirements to software. ML helps to develop quick prototypes as per the requirement of the users.

Automatic error detection and troubleshooting

Prior to ML, developers were already using various applications which helped them to quickly identify standard error patterns in the code. But machine learning goes a step further by not only detecting API usage constraints when using the standard library, but it also detects them for all other libraries – which in entirely automatic process. Software Development with Machine learning comes up with suitable solutions for specific problems which eases the difficulties of coders.

More Accurate Estimations

As mentioned above, once you input data into ML, you can use the same for multiple times. With the help of past data, ML can estimate both the expected delivery time and budget required for developing any particular software. The estimations provided by ML are often more accurate than estimations by humans. Moreover, it takes significantly less time in estimation as compared to human beings.

The Road Ahead: ML in Software Development

As we have seen software development is all set to transform itself with a whole new list of features and advantages. During the last 10 to 15 years, software solutions become more complex because of more specified requirements of the end users. The complexity of software development can be eased when developers join hand with ML and make the best possible use of machine learning in software development.

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