Industry-first Generative AI-powered Multimodal ChatGPT-like AI Assistant for Banks and Credit Unions

Our Hybrid Approach, Blending Foundational And Banking-Specific AI, Is Set To Revolutionize The Banking Experience.

Introducing Our New Vision For The Era Of Generative AI

“Interactive Intelligence” For Banking

Convergence Of System Of Engagement And System Of Intelligence


Pervasive AI Across All Customer & Employee Channels


Generative AI-Powered “Interactive Intelligence” for Banking


Unveiling's New Product Suite Powered By Generative AI

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Sphere for Customers

Discover Sphere for Customers – an industry-first, ChatGPT-like universal channel revolutionizing banking through intelligent guidance, innovative plugins, and personalized AI assistance.

Sphere for Employees

Discover Sphere for Employees – an industry-first, ChatGPT-like universal channel that replaces 14-15 applications traditionally juggled by frontline staff, thereby enhancing frontline operations’ efficiency by 10x.

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Features of Sphere

Benefits of Sphere

Universal channel to enhance customer and employee experience

Personalized and proactive guidance to achieve financial wellness

Increased revenue via upsell & cross-sell

Access to real-time information for better decision-making

Improved risk management and better compliance

Greater accuracy and automation through banking domain rich training


Estela Nagahashi

EVP, Chief Operating Officer

“At UCU,’s Sphere, a multimodal ChatGPT-like AI Assistant, replaces 14-15 applications, enhancing our frontline operations’ efficiency by 10x.”