Startups reinventing the way the world uses AI

That Revolutionary AI Technology

“Customers who bought this item also bought.”“Based on your shopping preferences, you may also be interested in.”
“We’ve got a personalized deal, catered for you.”

How often have we heard these phrases? Between our online shopping sprees, food choices, buying books online or even debating which place to eat out at – AI has made its presence felt in our lives. We’ve together, come a long way between 1956 and the present day.

So what are we all really looking at?

Some would say it’s possibly the most revolutionary technology we’ve seen at the dawn of the 21st century and is sure to change how we, conduct business, carry out solutions and thwart away everyday problems.

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

From our machines to our personal computers, there’s this predominant presence of AI that’s felt in almost every industry, even in our machines – Robotic process automation is seeing levels of precision that were unfathomable as close as two decades back.

Market predictions have seen stellar results, with the power of AI integrated into our software. We are now able to predict changes, consumer behavior and even buying and selling habits; it’s all made possible through the seamless assistance of artificial intelligence.

The fact that we can now study huge amounts of data in mere seconds helps companies and industries perfect their road maps when it comes to taking the shortest path that gives us the most beneficial outcome – business is transformed.

AI makes us Efficient & Effective

Machine learning makes our computers smarter; we don’t need a software developer to constantly oversee the situation in order to make apt changes when required.

AI helps curate and prepare domain-specific data that are further fed into learning algorithms which are trained and constantly improved as they function.

With the power of machine learning, we can understand the data a lot better and identify the patterns that are important – this is all done without human intervention (encoding the desired knowledge) and let’s not forget that the icing on the cake; with the help of AI in our software, we’re able to see different perspectives and details that we would have otherwise never noticed or taken a lot longer to come across. In short, AI makes us a lot more efficient and effective.

There’s been an undoubted paradigm shift in software

“There will be a long ramp-up as knowledge diffuses through the developer community nut in ten years, I predict most software jobs won’t involve programming.” – Peter Warden

Starting things off

This millennium seems to be a time of reckoning when it comes to building a startup. What were once simple dorm room ideas are now multinational companies that influence political agendas and policies.

Let’s take a close look at a few start-ups that are making some serious impact with the help of artificial intelligence.


Looking to change the way we interact with each other when it comes to our inboxes; Front is a five-year-old startup that has created a dynamic shift in how we send and receive messages from our inboxes, their technology has changed the way teams work in current day.

Known for creating a shared-inbox platform that allows various teams to cater to and handle incoming messages with minimal noise and disruption. This means that messages can be handled in a seamless manner with minimal noise.

Front defines themselves as:

Front is the first inbox for teams.

Organize all your conversations in one place, route them to the right people, and get more done as a team.

How does this work? Front combines messages from four channels i.e.

  • Email
  • Texts
  • Slack
  • Social Media

What’s different though? All this information is collected at a single place, together. It gives the user all the information they need, under one platform.

The market and investors really believe in Front. In 2018, Mathilde Collin, the CEO of Front raised over $66 million from multiple investors in a Series B funding round.

Tipped to be one of the leading startups to look out for in 2019, Front has made waves in their short five-year span within the tech industry.


Looking to change up your sales game? Maybe a startup that’s been funded for over $35 million might just be the ticket when it comes to quality sales engagement.

Highspot defines themselves as:

Sales Enablement Reps Love, it’s the highest customer-rated sales enablement platform with the highest rep adoption.

If you’ve ever heard about a little something called sales engagement, then Highspot is the startup you need to take a closer look at.

With some serious funding from OpenView, they’ve got everyone’s attention. The likes of Salesforce and Madrona Ventures were present and seemed to show some keen interest when it came to their investment funding round.

Having gained some serious traction since their inception, Highspot is being utilized by some of the biggest names in the biz. Twitter, Dropbox, and Siemens have looked towards Highspot; utilizing their services to their advantage. Highspot currently has over 90% monthly recurring users and offers support in more than 125 countries.


We aren’t new to concepts like home automation and smart homes. According to recent research by Markets And Markets, the smart home market will be worth $151.4 billion by 2024.

The current market stands at $76.6 billion – that’s huge growth in the next 5 years that we’re looking at. With a larger base warming up to the idea of AI, along with a growing number of internet users; the adoption of smart homes in today’s day and age is a whole lot more feasible.

Did you know that buildings in the US account for 39% of carbon emissions!

Dandelion is a startup that looks to revolutionize how we live; they focus on geothermal pump installations that are used to harness energy from below the Earth’s surface. This energy helps keep homes hot and cold during different seasons. Dandelion is also working to produce hot water for homes within the US.

Dandelion Geothermal defines themselves as:

A geothermal system that replaces your home’s existing air conditioning and heating equipment with a powerful heat pump and safe, underground pipes that move heat between the earth and your home. In the winter, the ground loops move heat stored in the ground into your home. In the summer, the ground loops return heat from your home to the ground.

Kathy Hannun, CEO of Dandelion, said that they started the project because millions of homeowners are using expensive, truck-delivered fuels. Installing a geothermal heat pump is a simpler and more affordable process, she added.


We’re always going places. Whether it’s a familiar territory or not, but what’s changed between then and now is, we’ve got no one behind the wheel when we’re going places.

Here’s where Deep Map comes to life, they offer high-definition maps for self-driving cars, helping you to easily navigate around the city without any obstruction.

DeepMap defines themselves as:

A team of “experienced engineers and product visionaries. Collectively, they have built mapping technologies in use by tens of millions of people daily.”

They are “partnering with companies around the world who are pushing the boundaries in autonomy, including Ford, Honda, and SAIC Motor. You can easily integrate the maps with any fleet of self-driving cars and grow as more data becomes available. It uses onboard sense to “see” the road and predict what’s around the corner.”

With some serious funding, the company has made huge leaps in the autonomous driving sector. A total of $92 million in funding, DeepMap is changing the way we commute with HD mapping and localization when it comes to safe autonomy.

interface & AI

What if we told you that you could always be there for your consumers, even when you aren’t. That you could solve customer problems at rapid speed and you could use your human resources in a more efficient and effective manner.

Started in 2015, interface is an industry-first integrated platform that powers IVAs. interface helps build intelligent and conversational smart assistants. With the power of interface, your assistant is transformed into a super-smart assistant.

Users can seamlessly integrate interface with their business, and just like that, you’re able to take on everyday challenges effortlessly while providing your customers with state-of-the-art assistance.

“The problem is not the people, the problem lies with the machines.
That it is not intuitive enough to get access.” -Srinivas Njay, CEO & Founder

With precision and tact, your business is able to perform at an all-time high, interface’s intelligent virtual assistants help you track and deliver a better lead generation process.

Whether you’re in banking, e-commerce or finance, with interface you’re looking at seamless integration with existing enterprise systems allowing your business to enable rapid time to market for CRMs, IVRs, and other systems.

Whether you’re a startup or a business that’s arrived, what’s always held true is that every business wants to streamline its process; improving the productivity of its sales and marketing team, maybe interface is the answer.

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