5 Real-World Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support


Artificial Intelligence is making its mark and influencing several areas, including customer service support. As a result, AI is significantly changing how we interact with companies, perform our jobs, and day-to-day operations.

AI for customer support solutions helps meet several customer needs and expectations efficiently and offers high-level customer service. When it comes to customer support, smart technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), has many unique and different realms.

According to Gartner Research, the number of AI-driven customer service interactions globally grew by 400% between the years 2017-2021. Let us look at some benefits of AI in customer service and some of its real-world examples.

Benefits of AI customer support

Here are some of the crucial advantages and reasons why AI will continually grow its presence in the customer support service:

  1. 24×7 availability: Through AI solutions, customers can get their questions answered and queries solved from anywhere at any time.
  2. Operational efficiency: AI-driven solutions, such as chatbot IT support, handles simple customer queries with instant response, allowing employees to focus on other complex tasks.
  3. Faster solutions: AI automated solutions ensure customers receive quick and accurate information, saving time and energy for the agents to dig up for solutions.
  4. Customer satisfaction: With such accessible, personalized, and convenient solutions, you get more loyal, trustworthy, happy, and satisfied customers for the long term.

5 real-world examples of AI in customer service

Customers today demand convenient and digitized solutions, and AI in IT support helps you achieve just that. Here are five real-world examples of artificial intelligence in customer service:

1. Smart suggestions for personalized email engagement

Responding to emails can get exhausting and time-consuming. Fortunately, AI eliminates such manual processes for agents and generates custom responses that can be sent to the customers within a single mouse click.

Therefore, instead of typing lengthy emails, IT support automation allows agents to choose a suitable custom response from the AI-driven suggestions. This solution significantly reduces effort, saves a lot of time, and enhances customer satisfaction.

2. AI-powered customer service chatbots

The world is increasingly getting impatient, and customers expect quick and crisp responses with zero waiting time. Artificial Intelligence solutions allow businesses to automate customer support tasks, such as tracking an order, answering delivery time and data-related queries, resolving a support issue, and more.

AI-powered chatbots ensure every question and query is answered promptly and accurately in real-time in a highly personalized manner.

3. Improved conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems

One of the core components of AI-driven customer support service is Natural Language Processing (NLP). The best examples of this solution are smart assistants Siri and Alexa that can efficiently interpret and respond to spoken and written information.

Using language processing technologies and voice recognition, like IVR, customers receive an enhanced user experience. This solution also cuts down the cost significantly and saves time for the customer and the company.

4. Automated call routing and resource management

AI gathers customers’ and agents’ information, analyzes their behavior, and routes the customers to the right and suitable agent through predictive analysis to efficiently handle that particular customer’s request.

This solution effectively manages the channel volume and ensures that each customer’s query is properly and timely routed to a suitable agent processing relevant knowledge and experience to resolve the issue.

Therefore, AI and customer service result in much reliable support, faster query resolutions, and greater operational efficiency in your company.

5. Automating basic transactions and payments

Intelligent AI chatbots are capable of handling more than just a chat query. They are also programmed to complete and facilitate certain transactions and payments.

For example, some organizations leverage chatbots on their website by allowing customers to place their orders, find nearby locations, or update contact information.

Customers appreciate such context-aware and AI-powered chatbot solutions through which they can quickly and easily report an issue, make a service call, or make account modifications without waiting for a support agent’s availability for assistance. In turn, this feature frees up the agent’s time and needs to respond to customer inquiries, allowing them to assist customers with complex queries that chatbots cannot handle.

Summing Up

AI-powered approaches allow businesses to effectively meet their customer demands and offer a higher level of customer service and experience.

If you are looking to keep up and exceed your competition, incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your business can be very effective. It offers smart solutions such as chatbots, network monitoring, easy appointment scheduling, making transactions, and more conveniently and seamlessly. If you wish to enhance customer experience and improve employee engagement and productivity in your organization, check out intelligent AI solutions by interface.ai. We will help you significantly boost your business operations and efficiency through their virtual assistant and other smart and automated artificial intelligence solutions, saving time and money for your company.