Why AI in Sales will Become Your New Best Friend?


Help and guidance are very crucial in the sales industry. Often salespeople waste a lot of time chasing the wrong or unideal deals or administrative work without having proper guidance to understand what works and what does not. Having a mentor makes a tremendous difference to help one go through the common challenges, handling administrative work, and provide insightful advice so the salesperson can actually focus on the sales and go out and sell more products and services.

To help people in sales overcome this challenge, many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI).

Importance of AI in Sales and Marketing

The role of AI in sales is increasingly getting popular. Whether or not you are new to sales, AI for sales can help you sell more and earn more by being a perfect guide and mentor. Let us look at how.

1. Let AI carry out the admin work while you focus on important tasks

AI in sales and marketing has taken the load off many sellers by carrying out most of the administrative tasks. No one wishes to do the basic admin tasks when they could be working on selling and other productive and prioritized tasks. AI automates activity logging, creating new contacts, and identifying high-priority emails for you, so you do not have to do them and spend your time on much productive work.

2. AI lets you forecast

Earlier, people had to figure out how to roll up their team’s forecast, which was so time-consuming and led to sandbagging. But today, AI helps you predict the forecast and provides an honest and genuine outlook on the quarter. This ability of AI is of significant advantage in sales. In addition, this AI’s overzealous forecast can be moderated, and it also eliminates sandbagging.

3. AI lets you find if a deal is good or not

It is a waste of energy, time, and investment in chasing down a deal, only for it to turn out to be a bad or unideal one. AI in marketing and sales plays a major role in this situation, determining if a deal or an account is good or not and what a good deal looks like. Moreover, AI also lets you predict what discounts and sales solutions might work the best and offer a particular customer based on their previous purchases and successes.

Trying and learning to get a good deal is always beneficial in sales. When AI does this work for you, it saves a lot of your time to directly move forward with the deals that you can close or get done.

4. AI helps identify which leads are worth converting into a deal

Prospecting or dealing with prospect deals is not an effortless task. Figuring out when to call a lead and which lead to call is important for working productively and efficiently and achieving success. Considering all the analysis, reports, and more, this could be a time-consuming task. Also, it is highly unpredictable, as one change in a trend can make all your time and effort go to waste, making you start from scratch.

But AI and machine learning acts like your sales assistant and helps you identify leads that are worth converting to a deal. AI follows up with all prospects in a personalized manner and increases the probability of conversion by up to 500%. It looks at several factors and things such as the size of the company, geography, title, and engagement. Thus, an AI sales assistant follows up with your prospects across all digital channels and also tracks their onboarding journey so that you can focus on other important sales tasks.

5. AI lets you go through a company’s past deals and information

Before selling to a company, going through their history of past deals helps tremendously. AI provides that information and more readily at your fingertips with ease. Doing this manually yourself could waste a lot of time and energy. With AI, you get the information in seconds, and you can approach a company or a deal with a higher likelihood of success.

Summing Up

Thus, AI application in sales is unquestionable and of great use. AI helps sales to be more proactive, profitable, and productive. With advanced technologies, AI also improves user experience by understanding and analyzing users’ tone and sentiments to provide better-curated responses. interface.ai provides personalized and intelligent AI conversions for banks to enhance customer experience and boost productivity through AI sales assistants. Visit our official website interface.ai today to check out and avail of our intelligent AI solutions.