Why It’s Easier to Succeed with AI integrated E-commerce?


There are often articles that begin with a definition or quote. We’ve all been privy to and seen this happen at some point through the course of our reading lives.

This trend started at some point in the mid-60s, some researchers put together a lot of data, studied responses of readers and figured; if you started an article with a definition or an infamous quote and find a neat little way to draw light onto what you’re talking; while staying within the parameters of what your said quote and definition is, and not steering too far away from said quote, was what was considered as healthy & professional writing.

Effective & efficient in an AI Age

Let’s try and further simplify this.

Picture a new coloring book that you’ve gotten. The said coloring book is your definition and quote, while your article and what you put into it are the colors that you’ve got in your arsenal.

Your preferential choice of color, hue, contrast and brightness is all up to you; paying close attention that the use of your colors match the theme – this ultimately proved to be a perfect marriage between theme, (outlines on coloring book) content (colors used), while staying disciplined in regard to what you’re talking about (staying within the lines).

If you could do all these things, perfecting them – it was to prove you’re an effective and efficient writer, perfectly able to convey said message across with minimal noise and margin for misunderstanding.

Now, we’re not about to do that, but that being said, did you know that the ‘business of buying and selling goods and services on the internet’ is how the Cambridge dictionary defines E-commerce?

In regard to our little coloring book, lets try and better understand the world of Ecommerce.

There have been three primary colors for the majority of our time, namely red, green and blue. My history professor back in school would often say that the best thing about evolution of all things is that it only gets better with time. I see some truth to what he’s talking about many years later, I know this holds true with those primary colors.

Red green and blue eventually went onto become cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black).

AI and advancing business

Similarly, Ecommerce has seen a dramatic shift in the way business is conducted online. It’s no longer guess work, its highly precise, and this precision has led to a higher lead conversion. Where we were once in the dark, we’ve now got technology that’s easily capable of advancing our business and growing our sales at rates that were totally unperceived in the past.

A recent article published by Business Insider suggested that by the year 2020 nearly 85% of all our customer-based interactions would be managed with the help of human support.

Let’s go back to our colors. What was once a rudimentary sales roadmap for an Ecommerce website (RGB) has now become a proper, precise and perfect methodology (CMYK).

Our revised breakdown with the dawn of AI in Ecommerce:

Now that we’ve got our color in order (revised) we can clearly see what these represent.

The dawn of AI has opened doors to the E-commerce industry like never before. There are numerous articles out there that would tell you, ‘Top 10 application of AI in E-commerce’ or 10 Way Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce Changed the E-commerce Industry and these articles and various applications are not at all far from the truth or false in any way at all – but remember, we’ve always got to stay within the frames of context when we’re trying to practice super-healthy relevance in writing. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at 4 colors (success) applications makes it easier to succeed with AI integrated in E-commerce.

Cyan = Stellar Sales Implementation

Did you know? AI helps us outperform the competitions

Out with the old and in with the new we say. It’s been a long time since the dawn of the world wide web. What was once a military grade secret, was eventually available for everyone, and as you fast-forward to almost 4 decades later, it’s a whole new ball game. I guess this is that evolution my history professor was on about.

“AI in Ecommerce helps us drive traffic and perform better on various other channels and mediums.”

AI in E-commerce gives us a little something called intelligent sales approaches. The kind that help us stay ahead of the game, taking our businesses to the next level and even equips us with the tools and technical know-how in order to outperform the competition.

You can better those clerical sales techniques with some simple and highly effective platforms interface that looks to derive the most out of your business.

Communicate through various mediums, generate some serious leads and produce higher conversion rates – forget about going through those yellow page directories and nagging possible clients through cold calls. We’re in a whole new age and we’ve got little to no time to waste. AI in E-commerce helps us drive traffic and perform better on various other channels and mediums.

Magenta = Precise Identification

Did you know? AI makes a lot possible in record time!

Speaking of pestering and cold calls, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to those clerical trial and error approaches, we learned to perfect back in business 101.

AI integrated into your E-commerce websites allow you to carefully pick your customers and target them with precision. How is this made possible? Well, one simple word. Data.

All that data you’ve got in regard to your customers, guests, plausible leads, which pages they spend the most time on and what product fares better, is all available through the wonderful world of data coalition and further implementing this data.

What we’re trying to say is. Data accessed through AI = Gold.

Data is large and for a human to go through all this data would take a lot longer, and we all know that old age saying; time is money.

With the power of AI, we’re able to study our data faster and a lot more effectively, concluding to better insights, better product identification, align our sales better in regard to what our customers like and even geographically target customers based on differences of preferences across different regions. AI makes all of this possible and in record time!

Yellow = Chatbots

It’s 24/7 AI support. Shoppers get exactly what they want, save time and multiply customer delight in record time.

Over time, customer expectations have evolved the same way we conduct business has evolved. Guests expect more from an E-commerce business. They almost test how well you’re able to feel the pulse of what’s trending, what they like and judge if whether their loyalty lies with you or not.

A great way to capture the attention of your audience is with the introduction of a chatbot into your E-commerce website / business.

The introduction of chatbots into your business helps redefine online shopping.

What was once simple sales of commerce is now a highly sophisticated revamped version termed as conversational commerce.

Read interface features to get a better understanding as to how AI powered chatbots helps implement and answer customer queries in record time. Automate rudimentary processes with the help of chatbots. It’s 24/7 AI support where your shoppers are able to get exactly what they want, save time and multiply customer delight in record time.

Black = CRM

Take your CRM to the next level

AI solutions in sales and marketing have made waves, but what truly defines and sets you apart when you’re an E-commerce brand is a state-of-the-art CRM.

A central database where all your customer information is stored, in an organised and highly efficient manner. It’s the mecca to selling better and performing better in a digital world. Super boost your CRM with the power of AI. Read http://interface.verifinow.in/solutions/industries/e-commerce/ to know more.

Find yourself an AI assistant that helps you easily identify trends and implement these changes into your website. In short, you’ve got yourself an advanced CRM. Take your CRM to the next level.

With algorithms and machine learning that only stand to make your website a lot better, you’ve got the ability to respond, understand, and ultimately improve every customer, guest & employees experience on your website. With numerous arrangements and content warnings, not to mention updates for items following, transporting and effective implementation – easily perceive how your business is performing with the help of AI powered CRM.

Definitions and Quotes

There are often articles that begin with a definition or quote. We’ve all been privy to and seen this happen at some point through the course of our reading lives.

However, did you know?

The ‘business of buying and selling goods and services on the internet’ is how the Cambridge dictionary defines E-commerce?

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