How to Prepare for the Future of AI in Sales?

Artificial intelligence, unlike human intelligence, is not bound by the limits of Darwinism. Processes, often mundane, requiring endless human hours can be wrapped up within minutes through the integration of AI into the workplace.

Businesses today are the most dynamic they have ever been, with information being consumed at unprecedented rates. As the world becomes more complicated, humans can only hope to catch up with the pace of data being generated. The need for a paradigm shift from people working on machines to people working with machines has never been greater.

However, personalized experiences have long been misconceived as reserved to humans without the scope for the intervention of machines. Doubts have been cast on the need for AI in trades requiring a human touch.

Today we discuss the role of AI in sales and how AI has surpassed expectations to become an unalienable tool at the side of an employee navigating through uncharted territories, augmenting the capabilities of a worker in the digital age, and accomplishing feats previously thought impossible.

What AI brings to the table

Artificial intelligence has evolved beyond anticipation and has helped businesses across the globe reap the benefits of a virtually perpetual machine capable of operations only limited by our imagination. The capabilities of people have been surpassed with the advent of AI, creating incredible efficiencies and limitless opportunities. This amalgamation of AI and enterprise has brought about the golden age of business as we witness it.

AI in marketing and sales is helping enterprises improve employee productivity while preparing for a future-ready model which combines the best of both worlds.

Artificial intelligence has allowed companies to absorb and interpret information like never before. Comprehensive and actionable insights, predictions, and models all delivered at record speeds from vast amounts of consumer data are too elaborate for employees to decipher on their own. AI has changed the face of expectations with its ability to offer unparalleled growth to organizations, highly tailored experiences for consumers, and improved performance for employees.

Why bring AI to Sales

Sales are by far the most fundamental of operations in a business. To supplement sales, therefore, is to supplement the enterprise itself. Although sales are highly dependent on personnel, AI can still play a big role in its development, and businesses must make a move now.

  • AI improves efficiency

Businesses need to cut through an abounding sum of repetitive tasks. It is unfortunate for any business to deploy the talents of an employee to such uneventful engagements. AI can help execute such functions through a system optimized to serve a monotonous purpose without requiring the intervention of a person.

Tools such as a transaction assistant can even perform more complex functions like authenticated transactions built as a consumer-friendly conversational digital assistant.

  • AI helps identify sales opportunities

Businesses require massive data packets intricately analyzed in record time to remain ahead of the curve, and the limitations of human abilities often come to play. AI enables businesses to acquire, comprehend and interpret information to identify potential customers and markets.

For instance, a Product & Information Discovery Assistant can be deployed to deliver accurate information and products to consumers by leveraging the Natural Language Understanding abilities of machines.

  • AI helps reduce the cost of business

Operations that require rudimentary skills are better suited to AI. A system developed to operate in a pre-defined sales environment can help businesses delegate duties that can be performed multiple times without any margin for error at significantly lower operating costs.

Conversational Forms are a great example of how AI can be used to create a roadmap for an elementary sales experience.

  • AI helps deliver data-driven customized results

In an ever-growing market, serving the needs of every customer is a challenge only AI can face. Through a data-driven approach, machines can be taught to deliver personalized experiences to customers based on factors such as demographics, age preferences, and more. Customer retention is paramount to any salesperson, and the right tools can be put in the hands of employees to achieve that.

AI-powered tools such as Retargeting Assistants use data to track and target consumers that have been known to drop interest off in products, nudging them towards the products they did not pursue.

How AI empowers employees

Employees are an integral part of a workplace, and no piece of technology can replace the human factor; however, technology can empower people and help them achieve more.

  • Automated tasks with the help of a sales assistant can help salespeople get the right information at the right time.
  • AI for sales can bring employees closer to targets with efficient resource management.
  • AI-assisted sales can increase conversion rates through efficient customer data presentation.
  • An AI virtual assistant can improve time management and productivity for employees.

AI can execute a complex set of functions with efforts equivalent to a computer click at a fraction of the cost of a manual system, and employees can deliver better, faster, and smarter.

How AI empowers the future

Artificial intelligence is rapidly penetrating every industry without prejudice. Though adoption rates are high, AI still has a long way to go before it has encroached upon every aspect of the business environment. For the foreseeable future, AI can be expected to update and upgrade upon the existing use cases.

Summing Up

Sales are confronted with an all-time high of AI integration, with both salespeople and consumers witnessing some form of automation at most levels. At Interface, we work on revolutionary products that help businesses deploy consumer-facing and employee-facing AI solutions to improve productivity and business efficiencies.

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